​RioOne Health Network 

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) of South Texas

Benefits of Direct connect and query


RioOne Query platform 

The Direct Connect method of health information exchange is an innovative email solution that allows providers to exchange patient health information through a secure, verified members only network. The Direct Connect allows continuous care documents, comprehensive patient charts, lab results, and any other HIPPA regulated information to be exchanged between peers.


The benefits that HIE have to provide are enormous for the patients and the providers.  

Some of the Benefits Are:

  • Improve Quality of Care
  • Enhances coordination of care
  • Eliminates redundancy in test taking
  • Better patient health outcomes
  • ​Less paperwork for patient and healthcare provider
  • Affordable with minimal implementation time
  • Saves time and increases efficiency by automating Direct messaging
  • Allows hospitals and providers to meet immediate information exchange needs while setting the stage for future HIE direction
  • Provides the ability to exchange information with providers who don’t yet participate in an HIE
  • Reduces the patient exposure to radiation

Rioone Direct Connect

Query platform -RioOne Health Network uses the Cerner™ Resonance technology to provide a Query platform to its participants. This technology allows the participating healthcare providers to access their patients' health information in real-time. This is a state-of-the-art technology which requires the Electronic Health Record software to be interfaced with the Cerner™ Resonance platform.

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