Sharing updated, electronic patient health information with other providers enables the healthcare providers to:

  • Lawfully access and securely share patients’ vital medical history from RioOne participating providers, no matter where the patients are receiving care - specialists’ offices, labs or emergency rooms.
  • Provide safer, more effective care tailored to your patients’ unique medical needs.
  • Participating in the RioOne Health Network will help provider achieve the CMS Meaningful Use criteria and make the provider qualify for the incentives payments.
  • Less paperwork for provider and patients.
  • Cost savings on traditional communication such as Fax

Yes, once the provider is enrolled in the RioOne Health Network and uses the Direct Service Messaging according to the criteria laid down by the CMS, she/he will be able to achieve the CMS Stage-1 and Stage-2 Meaningful Use.

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RioOne Health Network has adopted the Opt-out consent model to acquire the patient consent to allow the protected health information (PHI) to be shared via RioOne Health Network. This means that each patient's health information is automatically contributed to the RioOne Health Network through their provider unless the patient completes an opt-out request form, denying their PHI to be shared and submits it to the provider.

RioOne utilizes two different technologies, Direct Email and Query platform

A.  Direct email -Direct email is a secured, HIPAA compliant email service that allows the healthcare providers to share patient health information through the secure email exchange. The only requirement to use this technology is a compliant web browser and that can be easily accessed from any desktop, laptop, or tablet.

B.  Query platform -RioOne Health Network uses the Cerner™ Resonance technology to provide a Query platform to its participants. This technology allows the participating healthcare providers to access their patients' health information in real-time. This is a state-of-the-art technology which requires the Electronic Health Record software to be interfaced with the Cerner™ Resonance platform.

Do i need to buy any software or hardware?

How a healthcare provider can access and share health information?

Once the healthcare provider joins the RioOne Health Network, we will provide you with further information on how you will be able to access the health information.

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Participating in the RioOne Health Information Exchange is a simple process. Just click here for more information or click Contact Us to contact our staff.

What data will participating health care providers have access to?

Do healthcare providers need consent from their patients to view and share patients' health information?

why healthcare providers should join the rioone health network?

if a healthcare provider becomes a member of the rioone health network, will she/he be able to achieve the cms meaningful use criteria?

​The participating providers will have access to (and will also make available for other participating healthcare providers) patients’ health information such as Problem, Allergies, Medication and Immunizations.

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