​Yes. We call this a decision to "opt-out" or “deny” your health information to be exchanged. If you opt-out, your health information will not be available for sharing through RioOne Health Network.

​A Patient's decision to opt-out of RioOne HIE will not affect his/her ability to receive health care. Participating in RioOne Health Network is not a condition to receive care. However, if you opt-out, it may affect what information your subsequent HIE participating provider(s) will have available at the time of providing care.

​Patient decision to opt-out of RioOne Health Network applies only to sharing your information through RioOne Health Network. It does not affect sharing of your health information between your providers by other methods. 

​Many Starr and Hildalgo county clinical healthcare providers are participating in the RioOne Health Network. Participating facilities such as doctors, hospitals, labs, radiologist, and pharmacies will have access to the patient records for health care purposes, if and only they provide that patient clinical care. You can obtain a current list of participants by asking your provider or also by contacting us at 956-362-4746.

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​​​RioOne Health Network facilitates the exchange of important information about your health such as; Problems, Allergies, Medications, and Immunizations.

​What patient health information will be shared?

RioOne Health Network and the participating providers use a combination of safeguards to protect your health information. Technical safeguards include encryption, password protection, and the ability to track each viewer's access of the system. Administrative safeguards include written policies that control access to information through RioOne Health Network.

All participating providers have agreed to follow these policies when signing up for RioOne Health Network. All participating providers are also regulated by federal and state privacy laws. They must have their own policies and other safeguards in place, including policies to train their staffs and limit access to those with a need to know the information

​Who will have access to patient health information?

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​Health care providers need all of your health information to accurately diagnose and treat you. Each of your providers may have different portions of your medical records. Access to each other's records provides a clear picture about your health and put them in a position to provide you with better care with less delay. Sharing your health information can also help reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures.

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Can a patient choose not to participate in the rioone health network?

How is patient privacy protected?

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