​RioOne Health Network 

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) of South Texas

Rio One Health Network’s vision is to further enhance the quality of care and its effectiveness for all patients in the community. This will be accomplished through an interoperability infrastructure, and electronic health records composed of standardized, structured data elements that are exchanged among authorized health care organizations and providers across a secure regional and statewide network. 

About Us

RioOne Health Network Implementation Timeline

RioOne Health Network was incorporated in 2011 as a 501 c (4) corporation and is located in Edinburg, Texas. The mission of RioOne is to improve access to quality health care in a consistent and secure manner in our region, with support from its primary stakeholders consisting of many leading hospitals and physicians in the community. This allows for a diverse governing body with practicing physicians and healthcare leaders participating in governance, clinical oversight and quality care issues.

our Mission and Vision